About Us

Avantage ltd was founded in 2000, though it has other enterprises (which exist and work in the wood industry since 1947) in it’s structure Avantage produces different articles (doors, windows, furniture) of such types of wood as: oak, pine, linden, cherry etc. Avantage works not only on the Ukrainian market, but also supplies production to some European countries (Italy, Belgium, Poland, Germany)

The main occupation of the firm is glued logs production, which wooden houses and bath-houses are built of. Wood is the most natural material for house building. Wooden house has positive energy, natural gold colour, pleasant odour, perfect texture.

Why you should choose wooden house?

Quality of the logs let your house breath, so air is always fresh. The thermal insulation level is higher than the same of brick walls. So you don’t need to spend extra money for heating in winter and for conditioning in summer.

Also you can save on the cost of basement, because walls are strong but light. Our specialists will build the house of your dream if you want them to. We have great confidence in our professionalism and promise you the highest quality you could only dream about.