Glued logs

We can provide you with dry glued logs for building your house.

Our materials allow you to create first-class dwelling with unique atmosphere, in which you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable.

What are the advantages of glulam?

To answer this question we should describe the technology of log production. We cut the round timber into the boards, which we dry up to 10-12% moisture level. Then we delete the wood defects and glue the boards together lengthwise. The material we get should be glued under high pressure, then we profile it with engineering tools to shape it in the necessary way.

As a result we have the material, which (if compare with concrete):

  • doesn’t change it’s shape during the exploitation, because the inside strain of wood has been dismissed while refinement.
  • has smaller thermal conductivity (provided by low moisture level and crack absence)
  • has minimal log shrinkage (practically doesn’t have it, 10-12% moisture level is optimal)
  • logs are fitted tightly, which doesn’t let the atmosphere moisture get into horizontal joints, but make it stream down the outside wall surface.
  • has very high manufacture quality, so doesn’t need extra expenses on trimming.


Shape Size, mm Length , mm Price ,EUR/m3 (w/o VAT)
D- shaped 180*189 6000 380
Rectangular 197*189 6000 380
Circular 164*189 6000 380
Rectangular 186*200 6000 380
Rectangular 205*200 6000 380
D- shaped 205*200 6000 380
Circular 205*200 6000 380